Some of Olivia's Favorite Sayings


She knew how to pronounce and spell Olivia

Go See Fishies

Go lay down in her bed & watch her fishies

Schwim, Schwim

What fishies do; loved swimming with daddy

Some, Some 

Please may I have some

Oops! & Oopsie! 

Accidents happen

P-U Steenk-Key 

Diaper time

All Gone

Olivia would say "All gone" when she ate all of her food, and when somebody or something was missing from the room


Everything from setting the table with china plates to carrying her

Care, Care

Pick me up and carry me


Everything from visiting grandparents to special outings (library, restaurant, shopping, etc)

Dizzy, Dizzy 

Running and spinning

What’s that?

Always learning, always

Come, Come

Always wanted to be included

Noise or Loud

Loud sounds, turn down the surround sound


When ever she bumped into something

Windy, Windy 

Always loved wearing hats when it was windy or cold

Messy Face

Especially after daddy's famous Gabby Sauce

Dance Daddy / Mommy Dance

Loved music and dancing


Wearing shorts or skorts

Oh-Live-EE-Ah Cough

Olivia announces that she has coughed while covering her mouth with her little hand

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