Some of Olivia's Favorite Songs

Itsy Bitsy Spider 

Sing 3 times: normal, deep voice, high voice


The alphabet song, over -an-over-an over


Counting song up to number 40

Old McDonald

Must start with cow then piggy and everything else including frogs, snakes, hippos, giraffes and of course fishies

D-A-D-D-Y Song 

Give me a "D" - D, give me an "A" - A, give me a "D" - D, give me another "D" - D, give me a "Y" - Y, What does that spell (3x) .... Go Daddy - Yeaaa-aaaa

Skippity-do-dah , skippity-day

My oh my what a beautiful day, plenty of sunshine ...


Skin-a-ma-rink-e-dink-e-do, Skin-a-ma-rink-e-do I-love-you ...

Bumble Bee Song

One of Olivia's pre-school favorites

Hound Dog

Olivia loved listening to Elvis' greatest hits.  Everyone had to clap to Hound Dog

If your Happy and you Know It

Another favorite song to sing in the car.  She would smile really big every time


Olivia fell to sleep every night listening to Mozart


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