Some of Olivia's Favorite Things

Dance Daddy (Mommy) Dance

Loved music and dancing (thanks to the Wiggles and Sesame Street)


Loved shopping with mommy

Watch a Movie

Snow White, Monsters Inc., Shrek, Baby Einstein


One of daddy's favorites too - chips and salsa


Sunglasses - she loved wearing with her hats and looking in the mirror

Movie Star 

Olivia in her pink sparkly shades (special gift from Debbie)

Swim-Swim, Kick-Kick, Reach n Pull

Swim practice every weekend with daddy, since she was 6 months old


Loved football – watching & playing with Moose & daddy

Gabby Sauce

Daddy’s famous spaghetti sauce

Rugs Daddy 

Loved sitting on her rugs and playing

Run Daddy, Run Daddy

Come chase me - we would say "No running in the house" while we chased her from one room to another

Run Suba, Run Suba 

Come chase me. Olivia's energy never faded. As Suba (her teacher) would say, "But Olivia, Suba is tired"

Blue Blanket & Blue Cup

Daily standard

Doggie, Monkey, Baby & Dolly 

Favorite possessions


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