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Olivia Spiros Memorial Fund

 The Olivia Spiros Memorial Fund at The Cleveland Music School Settlement was established in May 2003, in honor and recognition of Olivia’s love and enjoyment of music and dance.  Olivia attended the Music and Movement program weekly for 20 months of her short 31 months of life.

The Olivia Spiros Memorial Fund was created to augment and enhance the Music and Movement program.  As of July, 2004, we had created enough awareness and support that we established an Endowment which will be used to provide full or partial financial aid or scholarships for children and families attending the Music and Movement program.

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Olivia Spiros Memorial Fund -

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The Cleveland Music School Settlement was established in 1912. The Settlement is one of the largest community music schools in the country providing high quality music education and arts related programs to students of all ages regardless of their ability to pay.

The Settlement is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), corporation, offering programs in Performing Arts, Music Therapy and Early Childhood.

The Early Childhood program consists of, Music and Movement, Preschool, Day School, Early Childhood Arts, and Music Builders Summer Camp.

Music and Movement classes are designed to develop music abilities among children from age birth through 3 years of age.  Classes are based on the philosophy that children learn music best if it is taught informally.

Each child, accompanied by an adult, participates in singing and chanting in a variety of tonalities and meters as well as movement activities.  Many of the songs and chants do not have words, since the focus is on music and not the words.

Each child progresses at her own pace as she is gradually introduced to the tonal and rhythmic elements that form the basis for understanding and enjoying music.

Each of us is born with some music aptitude…the potential to achieve in music.  Music aptitude is innate, but affected by the environment and fluctuates until age 9.  What a child has at this age is what she will have the rest of her life. If not stimulated, the aptitude will weaken; however, the aptitude will increase if a rich musical environment is provided.

Research suggests that the most important developmental time for music aptitude to be affected is the first 18 months of life.

The Spiros Family has offered to assist in an annual fund-raising event for Music and Movement. Our first event, a Raffle for 4 tickets to the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns football game, was held during October, 2003; we raised $6116.

Thank you for your kindness and support in assisting us develop programs which are invaluable to our most precious resource - children.

Information will be continuously updated regarding music and development of children. Please check again for additional information and research links.

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