Cousins Andrea and Dave


April 28, 2003


My little Cousin Olivia:

She had a way of making you feel that there was not a care in the world; smiling with her soft hair peeking beneath a cheery hat, every day was bright and sunny when she was there.

Her tiny clean hands and her little angelic kisses.

All her outfits Grammy made, Bongo, sit Ďn spin, she didnít have a care in the world.

Her only fear was probably bees, she never knew of death.

She loved unconditionally and saw beauty in everything.

She was the only person who saw the kitty in my old crabby cat Red; she adamantly tried to make friends with him.

I miss her so much. But I still see her in the bright blue sky; sweet as the cherry blossoms and giggling like the wind in the poplars Ö All remind me of her, her innocence, her short but fun filled life.

I love my cousin and will miss her so much.

She was so young. Being so small and having no choice spent her life looking up at all of us and now ironically she looks down, from high above, upon us all today.

Through this horrible tragedy I find peace in knowing she will be there, the cutest angel, to greet us again when itís our turn to walk through the gates.

Bye bye Olivia


Love always,

Andrea and Dave     


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