Uncle Greg and Aunt Debbie

May 31, 2003

Olivia was a “little angel.” Made for all of us!! What a joy she brought into our lives and to everyone else. She was so caring and loving. Just like an angel would be. Yet, there was something different about her.

When I was talking to my daughter and questioning “Why” her life was taken so fast and short, my daughter said to me, “Mom, Olivia was a different child and she was just too good for this world.” I stopped and thought about it, and then it made sense to me. “She was an angel and she was sent here for us.”

I have such fond memories of our last Christmas (2002) together. We had a ball; it was so joyous. Greg and I bought her a tea set and she played tea with everyone.

The memory of Olivia sitting on my son’s lap is a memory that I will never forget. Lyndi kept saying that we didn’t understand, Olivia just doesn’t go to anyone! But she loved being with my kids as much as they loved playing with her.

I still chuckle when I think of Olivia with her “Movie Star” sunglasses. I loved her in those glasses, they were meant for her. Sparkling and Glowing just like an angel. That face of joy will never be forgotten.

When Olivia heard a motorcycle go by, she would tickle her chin and say, "Uncle Greg." We dreamed of seeing her in her Harley boots that we bought her for Christmas. I know, deep in my heart, someday, I will see her with her Harley boots and pink sparkly sunglasses, with her arms held out greeting me.

We will always remember and love you,

Uncle Greg and Aunt Debbie

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