April 24, 2003


Dear Mr. And Mrs. Spiros:

Your beautiful little girl has brought so much love and joy into my life, and even now the image of her smile brings me peace. Olivia has always seemed to me to be perfect and whole, and Iíve often looked at her and wondered what happens in life to make us lose that. Then Iíve looked at you and see that we get it back when weíre given a child who is, as I now know, an angel.

I canít believe that God who is good would ever take a child from her parents. Such an event seems random, senseless, and impossible to understand or accept. But I do believe that God can help us to let goodness grow from the fertile soil of such great loss. Olivia will always be safe from the kind of harm that the world can do to our souls. Sheíll be innocent and beautiful, with her pretty blonde hair, and her big eyes and perfect skin, her silliness, her laughter, and her flowers, strawberries and ladybugs.

I love Olivia, and I will always remember her with joy, rather than sadness. I really will always remember her, and I will always pray for her and you. I think that probably nothing could hurt more than this for you.

Please come and visit us if you can and keep coming to the Y Ė it would make me so happy to see you there. And please, let me know if thereís anything you need, even if itís 10 years from now and you just want someone to listen to wonderful Olivia stories.




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