Cousin Liisa

April 27, 2003


I have been told that every thing happens for a reason. As heart breaking as Olivia’s passing has been, I can’t help but wonder why the Lord wanted her with him and not with us. What is his plan for our family?

Over the past few days I’ve tried to figure out that reason and what I’ve come up with is this – our small family has been torn for many years and maybe, just maybe, he is telling us, reminding us that life is too short. Family is what is important and shouldn’t be taken for granted. We share a history like no one else.

Maybe this awful happening is meant for us to open our hearts to each other a little more and make room for forgiveness.

I talked with Grammy for awhile this past Friday and we talked about heaven and how wonderful it must be – I believe when you pass and go to heaven with God, you are whole, there is no more pain or illness.  Jaak is flying and Olivia is dancing. I reminded Grammy that Grandpa was in heaven too and would be there for Olivia. Grammy chuckled and asked, “What would they talk about? They’ve never met.” I told her it didn’t matter – Grandpa has been watching over his girls and knows Olivia and everything we have experienced – he is proud of us too.

So, let’s celebrate Olivia’s life – though it was too short, she touched all of us who love her in a unique, special way. We will always keep her close in our hearts.

As for me, whenever I make a spitting noise or bump my head, I will look up and smile and know that Olivia’s smiling too.





Your Cousin, Liisa

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