Uncle Steven, Aunt Angie and Cousins Kristen and Brooke

May 18, 2003

Olivia was born 18 days after Kristen. Even though we lived so far away, in Idaho, we felt closeness to her. We were always up to date on all of her milestones, even though it was long distance and just through pictures and telephone calls.

The first time the girls were together they were just 7 months old; it was during the time of Olivia's Christening, of which Steve was a proud God Parent. This, of course, meant and still means a lot to him. During this time the girls weren't moving around too much yet, so, we were able to prop them up for pictures and smiles, of which Olivia always had a lot.

The next time the girls were together was for Kristen's first birthday. Olivia made the trip out to Idaho, with her parents, of course. We had so much fun seeing Olivia; she was quite the talker at that time. Olivia would be wide-awake on long drives just jibber jabbering away (and Kristen would fall asleep). I always found that very funny. I remember, one day, we were at my parents’ lake place, having dinner and Olivia was in her chair just chatting away. My dad looked over at Lyndi and said, "She's quite the chatty Cathy isn't she?" Olivia was just always so very happy.

The next time we were together was this January (2003). The change in the girls was just amazing; they were both 2 ˝ years old. We stayed at Olivia's house the whole week we visited. The girls had lots of time to play together. Boy, did they have a ball. It was so much fun to watch them. They got anybody they could rope into playing Play-doh, or having a Tea Party with them. Trust me, it wasn't too hard to do because all those Uncles are pretty easy to wrap around their little fingers.

Olivia and Kristen ran and laughed for hours. It was so much fun just to listen to their glee in playing with each other. They had to have what each other had. For example, if one had a blanket the other one had to have a blanket; if one had a baby the other one had to have a baby, and so on. Their laughter together is something we will always cherish.

Olivia was just a joy to be around. She brought smiles to everyone's face she was around. We all know she was someone very special. We are just so thankful to have these wonderful memories of her.

Uncle Steven, Aunt Angie, Cousins Kristen and Brooke

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