The Olivia Spiros Computer Associates 

Child Development Centers Music Program

 The Olivia Spiros Computer Associates Child Development Centers Music Program was established in May 2003, in honor and recognition of Olivia’s love and enjoyment of music.  Olivia was a student of the Independence, Ohio center and thoroughly enjoyed going to “school” and learning; she was a sponge in constant motion, absorbing every detail.

The Computer Associates Child Development Centers are located in Islandia, New York; Lisle, Illinois; Herndon, Virginia; Plano, Texas; Australia and the U.K. These Montessori Child Development Centers are offered as a benefit to the employees of Computer Associates. Unfortunately, the Independence, Ohio center closed as of June 30, 2004.

The Olivia Spiros Music Program was a new program component, implemented during the summer of 2003, of the Child Development Centers.  This music module was created in order to augment and enhance the rest of the programs offered to the students.

Each facility has a teacher trained to provide developmentally appropriate music activities for the children.  Age appropriate instruments and props will be used to enhance the learning experience.

The Spiros Family sponsored a Raffle for 4 tickets to the Indianapolis Colts vs. Cleveland Browns game, to benefit the CDC Music Program; over $5900 was raised during August, 2003.

Background information on CA's Child Development Center

The Child Development Center at Computer Associates follows the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, based on a belief that education is more than just a search for intellectual skills; it is a preparation for life.

Observation is the foundation of the Montessori method, and it is through observation that each child’s emotional and developmental needs can best be met.  The focus is to foster self-respect, independence, understanding of the world, and respect for others and the environment. Furthermore, Montessori curriculum activities include practical life, sensorial, language, culture and mathematics.

Music aptitude is developed in early childhood and affected by the environment. The Montessori environment will allow each child to develop individually and work towards reaching her full potential.

Music Program Newsletter June 2003

Message from Stacey, Olivia's teacher, August 2003

Information will be updated regarding The Olivia Spiros Computer Associates Child Development Centers Music Program as we continue to develop it.

Thank you for your kindness and support in assisting us develop programs which are invaluable to our most precious resource - children.

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